in only 5 steps.

Before bedtime, at work, or in the gym before your cardio run — Lecler masks are easy to apply. Inside our packaging, you’ll find a sheet mask which consists of three layers. Follow our 5 step process below toseparate the three layers, and enjoy hassle-free skincare.

Lecler lakštinė veido kaukė. Kaip naudoti

Wash your face with your cleanser of choice and dry it with a warm towel.

Every good skincare routine begins with preparation. Prepare that beautiful skin of yours by washing it with your favourite cleanser to remove any dust or dirt molecules, and dry with a warm towel to calm down your pores.


Peel off the protective layer.

After opening up a package, you’ll see a white layer on top of your mask — this prevents our beauty serum from oxidising, keeps our sheet masks intact, and marks the good side. Gently peel it off.

Lecler lakštinė veido kaukė. Kaip naudoti
Lecler lakštinė veido kaukė. Kaip naudoti

Apply your mask from the silky and cottony, uncovered side.

Now that you’ve taken off the protective layer, you’ve uncovered the good side. Place your mask on your skin from this good side.


Wait for a bit under a minute and remove
the outer layer.

In a bit less than a minute, the silky and cottony side that boasts all of our wonderous serum will stick to your face. At this point, you still have two layers. Remove the top, blue layer, and leave only the see-through white layer on your skin. If it moves, correct its placement by hand to ensure full-face coverage.

Lecler lakštinė veido kaukė. Kaip naudoti
Lecler lakštinė veido kaukė. Kaip naudoti

Enjoy rejuvenating skin smoothening for 20 minutes.

You are a busy persona — whether you’re relaxing, working or working out actively, do what you have to do. Our masks will stay in place. Wear for 20 minutes or until dry to maximise beauty effects.


Stand in front of a mirror and wave hi to rejuvenated skin.

Do not wash the serum off — leave the glowy effect to wear off naturally. And remember — the world won’t stop revolving around the sun, you deserve to have time for yourself.

Lecler lakštinė veido kaukė. Kaip naudoti